​​Would You Like More Love and Connection in Your Life?

​Listen to the Open Your Heart Guided Meditation ​so you can ​call in ​the joy, compassion, and generosity that you've always wanted!

Hi, I'm Toni

As a result of the ​spiritual life coaching and energy work that I do, I show you how to go from confusion to clarity... from pain to peace... from lost to enlightened.

Whether you're looking for a mindset shift, a healthier lifestyle, or a spiritual awakening, I can help you ​access the intuitive answers that ​accelerate your vision of health, happiness, and success.

I'm looking for open-minded, curious folks who struggle with feeling unhealthy, uninspired, and unfulfilled and who have a deep desire to better themselves and transform their lives. 

Who do you know?

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​​How I Can Help

Guided Meditations

​Easy meditations ​​to release stress, manage anxiety, amplify your ​mindset, boost energy, and awaken your intuition​.

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Intuition ​& Spirituality

Access and deepen your intuitive abilities, open to higher guidance, raise your vibration, and expand your consciousness.

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Energy Healing

Get relief from stress, remove blocked energy, manage pain, and rebalance and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

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What Happy Clients Say

My Joy and Satisfaction Have Expanded

Since hiring Toni as an intuitive healer and life coach, my joy and satisfaction have expanded in every area from success in my career to cleaning up my past. I am experiencing new and profound levels of love and peace.

I’ve trusted Toni with my darkest moments in which she shined her beautiful light allowing me to rediscover my personal power… showing me that it always existed and helping me to remove my blind spots to its awareness.

Once you experience an intuitive reading from Dr. Toni, there is no turning back. She is the real deal channeling remarkable wisdom and insight that, in turn, is completely practical and easy to apply to everyday life.

Jacque G.

I Already Feel More Energized

I've worked with Toni for 2 hours so far in the Healthy New You program, and I'm blown away.

She gently identified more simple steps I can readily take than I've found in years of working with others.

Toni is able to powerfully work at a distance and you feel as though you are sitting in the same room with her.

She helped me see where I am and what I can do simply and readily starting right now.

Unlike some programs, Toni's assignments are reachable and boost your confidence that this is doable!

I already feel more energized. My only regret is not starting sooner!

As an intuitive myself, I can tell when another person is speaking from a deep connection. I know that Toni is a very adept intuitive.

This program is already opening the way to life-changing results.

Ron D. Carlson

Find Out How It's All Connected

Before I met Toni, there were things I just knew and coincidences that I felt but didn’t know exactly what they were about. I second guessed myself all the time and sometimes felt and showed fear of taking the next step. With Toni and her wonderful sessions, we figured out why I was stuck, fearful, and doubted myself.

I have learned to change what was and make a new story. This has helped me see that my intuition can be trusted and turn out correct each time. Also, many other areas of senses have grown, which is very exciting! She is an inspiring teacher and easy to know, very down-to-earth but extremely knowledgeable about this subject of intuition.

This program is for anyone who has fears, doubts, sense things, sees things, or just know things and wants to find out how it is all connected. I highly suggest you discover the areas your inner self is trying to show you with Dr. Toni.

Peggy P.

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