Midlife and Change

We all want to make our lives better. And to make our lives better, we most likely need to make changes.

But making changes in midlife doesn’t mean you are having a midlife crisis.

Midlife crisis changes are fueled by anxiety, fear, grief, worry, and desperation. You are depressed and hate how your life has turned out. You are ready to chuck it all and run away from your problems. You think having an affair will make you feel desirable and worthy. You start doing reckless things in a hopeless attempt to regain lost youth.

Whereas, normal midlife changes are powered by health, happiness, joy, and love. You are ready to quit your old job and do something that makes your heart sing. You want to lose weight and feel great so you can be there for your loved ones. You are excited to explore and travel and enjoy new hobbies. You want to find out your life’s purpose and love yourself more.

Where do you fit in?

Wherever you are on the "transition and change" scale, think of one small step you can take toward a big, positive change. If you want to exercise more, start by putting on your walking shoes. If you want to lose weight, start by eating less for dinner tonight. If you want a better relationship, start by smiling at your loved one today.

The key to making healthy, lasting changes is to take small steps. Most midlife men and women are looking to make a change somewhere in their lives. I’d love to help you with the steps to get you there! Take a look at my programs and services for more information.

And if you need help now, let's talk.​

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