How We Work Together

What's easier...

Working toward your goals alone through trial and error...

Or getting the guidance and direction of someone who's been there and done that?

The second choice is easier, right?

You see, when you seek the advice of someone who has "been through it," you can avoid the same mistakes and focus your time and energy on what truly works. 

That's the power of our work together.


My Promise to You

Our working relationship is confidential and sacred... always. 

As your listener, motivator, supporter, advisor, guide, visionary, strategist, trainer, and resource, you can count on me to:

✓  Give you my full attention
✓  Be your personal cheerleader
✓  Honor your feelings and the path you wish to take
✓  Teach you skills, strategies, and techniques to address your concerns
✓  Help you solve problems and accomplish goals
✓  Provide resources and connections to ensure your success
✓  Help you get and stay on track
✓  Encourage and inspire you to grow

Your transformational programs and services include:


Rise above your most challenging emotional, physical, and spiritual problems with high-frequency intuitive answers and divinely inspired action steps. 


Reduce stress, remove blocked energy, and re-balance your entire mind, body, and spirit with a magical blend of Reiki, sound therapy, and advanced energy techniques.


Learn how to develop your intuition and enhance the psychic abilities that you already have so you can access the compass that will guide you to your true path.


Your Investment in Yourself

When we work together, I dedicate my time and energy to you, and I ask that you give our working relationship (and yourself) that same level of respect and attention.

Your part is to:

✓  Show up on time for our appointments
✓  Be honest, open-minded, and curious
✓  Be willing to do the work
✓  Ask for help when you feel stuck
✓  Understand that there is no such thing as a "magic pill"... but there IS magic to be had!
✓  Take 100% responsibility for the results you get


Your Next Step

So, before you go any further, ask yourself:
Does working with Toni sound like the right fit for me?
Do I really want to get unstuck and make a change?
Am I ready to fully invest in my personal development?

If you said YES to the above questions, and you'd like to discuss the possibilities of working together, please schedule a phone visit with me HERE.

If you've already scheduled a call with me, then I'll talk with you soon!

Looking forward to connecting with you...

Dr. Toni