Midlife and Change

midlife, midlife crisis, change

We all want to make our lives better. And to make our lives better, we most likely need to make changes.But making changes in midlife doesn’t mean you are having a midlife crisis.Midlife crisis changes are fueled by anxiety, fear, gr​​ief, worry, and desperation. You are depressed and hate how your life has turned out. […]

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Midlife Crisis and Anger

midlife, midlife crisis, anger

I’ve been pondering the Kubler-Ross cycle of loss and grief as it relates to midlife crisis. The Kubler-Ross model states the five stages of grief as Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.If you’re going through a midlife crisis, you may or may not go through each of these stages in order. You may skip stages […]

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Midlife Crisis and Denial

midlife, midlife crisis, denial

You wake up one day, and you’re just not happy.You’re unfulfilled, dissatisfied, depressed, and you don’t know why.Feelings of dread, worthlessness, or even panic set in.You can’t pinpoint the reasons you’re feeling this way, but you know that it’s consuming your soul.Those are some of the signs that you may be dealing with a midlife […]

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