Your Magic Carpet Ride

Intuitive Healing Journeys with Dr. Toni are magical, interactive visualizations that:

✓ Release blocked energy and emotions so you can get stuff done easier and faster

Patch up energetic "leaks" so you feel more balanced and secure in your body

Help you feel more present and "put together" so you can better manifest what you want

"Powerful, Important, and Freeing"

An Intuitive Healing Journey Can Help You...

  • Release Judgments and Negative Self-Talk
  • Shift to a Positive Mindset
  • Develop a Sense of Empowerment
  • Get More Clarity on Your True Purpose
  • Uncover Your Internal Blocks to Happiness
  • Discover Your Own Spirituality
  • Understand Who You Truly Are
  • Learn to Listen to Your Intuition
  • Activate Your Highest Potential
  • Manifest What You Want in Life
  • Find Appreciation and Joy
  • Navigate Difficult Life Challenges

No two journeys are alike and are completely unique to your energy, your needs, and your situation.

Come to your session with questions about your life, health, work, relationships, etc., and Dr. Toni will read your subtle energy frequency and guide you on a one-of-a-kind visualization "journey" that shows you a new and deeper understanding of your life and the energies that flow within it!

What Happy Clients Say

Helping Me Connect the Dots


Oh my! What I got out of my session with Toni. I learned HOW to focus on the really good things I love. To find out what makes me happy. A profound experience to teach me to think about love and create happiness. I knew this but I didn’t understand that I was blocked! The healing really came from my inner child wanting me to remember the goodness and connect to my childhood joy. To create a better way to release. So thank you, Toni, for helping me connect the dots and connect the pieces all together.

Janice B.

Brought Value to My Life


I had a lot of mental and spiritual issues that I needed help with navigating so I could be and build a better life for myself. I am very picky with spiritual and professional practitioners in general and was through word from a very trusted friend about Toni’s services that led me to give her try. My friend spoke volumes about how amazing she was.

Toni has helped in ways that I could fit only in an encyclopedia volume or a few. She has brought value to my life by helping me see and work what I need to. Her gentleness and kindness when more sensitive things come up have truly helped me build trust in people in that area. As well as just how warm and yet professional she is!

My main reason for recommending Toni for her services and programs would be because she is consistent and focuses on the individual(s) in a way I have never experienced with other practitioners thus far in my spiritual and physical journey. Honestly, I haven’t nothing with which to spare any criticism towards when it comes to Toni. Just thank you so much Toni for all you have done in my life, and I wish you all the blessings as your services change even more lives for the better!

Zabryna MN

Finding My Joy Again


Before working with Toni, I was dealing with depression and feeling lost. I've tried other types of therapy, but Toni's healing sessions truly aligned with my beliefs. During the sessions, we talked and worked through my emotional blocks, and she has been a huge help regaining my emotional balance and finding my joy again. I loved how I felt after a session, the visions I saw, and her sweet and kind personality. I highly recommend healing sessions with Toni. She happily shares her light and her gifts with anyone who needs it.

Christie E.


  • Private Phone Session with Dr. Toni
  • 1 Round of Follow-Up Email Q&A
  • MP3 Recording of Session

60 minutes for $75

90 minutes for $110

You are fully protected by my 100% Happiness Guarantee

If you aren't completely satisfied with your first session, you'll receive a refund.

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