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Midlife and Overwhelm

midlife, midlife crisis, overwhelm

Look in any thesaurus, and the synonyms for overwhelm are pretty awful: overpower, subdue, oppress, repress, engulf, swallow, submerge, bury, suffocate.Groan.To anyone who has experienced overwhelm, and that’s plenty of us, those words may be all too familiar. Whether the overwhelm is sudden or cumulative, chronic or acute, the feeling is one of drowning, immobility, […]

Midlife and Loneliness

midlife, midlife crisis, loneliness

“Loneliness,” writes Abigail Van Buren, “is the ultimate poverty.”As humans, we are social beings, but sometimes we lose touch with that social part of ourselves—or we don’t have enough chances to exercise it. When this happens, we may feel lonely and isolated.What Loneliness Is—and Isn’tLoneliness is the feeling that we would like more connection, community, […]

Midlife and Change

midlife, midlife crisis, change

We all want to make our lives better. And to make our lives better, we most likely need to make changes.But making changes in midlife doesn’t mean you are having a midlife crisis.Midlife crisis changes are fueled by anxiety, fear, gr​​ief, worry, and desperation. You are depressed and hate how your life has turned out. […]