Happy pets = happy humans

What Do Your Pets Have to Say?

If you have pets, chances are you have challenges...

Your dog barks and growls at everyone and everything, and you’re concerned that he might hurt someone.

Your cats are stressing you out because they're suddenly fighting with each other when they used to be friends.

You’re worried about your bird that is plucking out her feathers and is almost bald.

...and you don't know WHY.

animal communication, animal angel club

Not knowing why a pet is acting a certain way is extremely frustrating for a pet owner. 

You want the best for your furry, feathery (and scaly!) friends, but you don't understand what they need to feel happy and healthy.

You’ve taken them to the vet, and their health appears to be normal.

You’ve given them their favorite meals and toys.

You’ve played with them, snuggled with them, let them sleep in your bed… yet they are doing this bizarre behavior that you can’t explain.

If only they could talk to you!

Well, the good news is -- THEY CAN -- and Animal Communication is the answer!

how animal communication can help

Know how your pets are doing and what makes them sad or happy, agitated or calm, frightened or fierce.

Discover why pet behavior problems have developed all of a sudden and what you can do to help.

Get help with health issues and find out how your pets feel, where it hurts, and what will make them more comfortable.

Learn how to relieve your pets' stress and anxiety with other animals and how to keep them active, engaged, and entertained.

Understand your pets' perspectives on household and family changes and answer their needs before problems occur.

Get support and healing for yourself and your pets during difficult times -- illness, aging, and end of life.

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spooky's story


Hi there! My name is Spooky (aka "Spoo-man"), and my life had a rough start.

I was just a wee tyke of 6 months when Meowmy Toni found me on her back deck. I was wet, hungry, and had an injured front paw.

I was so pitiful and so cute (still am!) that I was welcomed into the house, but there was a HUGE problem... 

I kept bullying and attacking the four older cats and ripping up the curtains!

This made all of the people and the pets in the house VERY upset.
Uh oh. Will I have to go back outside? Will they give me away?

I really didn't want that, so Meowmy Toni did something very special...

She "spoke" to me!

And not just with her voice -- I heard her in my head! She telepathically connected with me and asked me what was wrong.

I told her that I was terrified of those other cats. That's why I attacked. I was just trying to defend myself.
You see, I told her that when I was outside, lost and confused, some stray cats beat me up, so I decided to be a tough guy and strike first. I'm gonna get 'em... rawrrr!
Meowmy Toni assured me that the older cats are super cool and that we could all get along. She also said that she would do energy healing on me so I wouldn't be afraid anymore. Gee, how I would love that! Well, let me tell you...

it worked!

We spent lots of snuggle time together and had lots of "cat chats," and now I'm a happy, brave guy with nice kitty sisters and brothers. (I still enjoy an occasional curtain-climb, but at least I don't rip 'em up anymore! hehe)

So, why am I telling you all of this?

Because my Meowmy Toni would love to help YOUR pets just like she helped me.

Check it out... you'll be so glad that you did!  xoxo~Spooky

toni is the first person i call for help

 My dog Nimitz and my cat Kira are very much a part of my family unit. They are very important to me, so when they get sick or struggle, Toni is the first person I call for help. She has a way of understanding animals and their needs. I have sought to understand them, and Toni has always had something solid I can lean on. Thanks so much for your help, Toni!  

Jean Parcher and Nimitz & Kira


One of the Best-Kept Secrets Out There

My lil rescue pup Norbert developed liver issues, and it was affecting his cognition. I wasn't sure what he needed, if he was in pain or even how aware he was, so I decided to join the Animal Angel Club with Toni.

Toni connected right in with Norbert, and her reading felt spot-on. She helped me understand his background with his former humans and let me know he was experiencing a lot of grief due to the losses he'd been through in the past 2 years. Toni gave me some pointers to enhance the healing sessions I was giving Norbert, and he actually seems to be having more good days now.

This is one of the best-kept secrets out there! I've recommended the Animal Angel Club to all my friends with pets! Toni is great, and you can't beat the value! Thanks, Toni! You are a true blessing!

Heidi Garis

About toni

Hello, Animal Lovers! I'm Toni Cay Snyder, and I am a professional animal communicator and energy healer who helps you better understand your pets so they can feel happier and happier. My first experience with animal communication was at 5 years old when our outdoor kitty Fluffy was sick. I "heard" her say that she had eaten something that made her tummy hurt, and she "showed" me a picture of the flower. My parents didn't believe me when I told them, but they took Fluffy to the vet anyway, and guess what? The vet confirmed what I had said and was able to treat our kitty, and she lived many happy, healthy years with us as a result.

Since then, I have helped many people and their pets -- cats, dogs, hamsters, horses, birds, rabbits, squirrels, etc. I've assisted pet companions (mine included) "cross over the Rainbow Bridge." I've communicated with a wild animals, guiding them to safer areas away from people and cars. I even had a "face-to-face" with a wild bobcat in my yard where I asked him to please leave our feral colony cats alone! 

It's an honor to bring people and their pets closer together, and I'd love to help you do the same!

xoxo ~ Toni

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Common Questions About the Animal Angel Club and Animal Communication:

How do you connect with animals?

How do the animal readings work?

Are you a vet?

Do you work with deceased animals?

What if I'm skeptical?

Can I talk to you before I join?

Everyone is calmer in our house

 I asked Toni to check in with two of my kitties who just haven't been getting along to see if she could help give me some insights as to what I needed to do to help them over the hump. She did. And she told me to do some certain energy techniques to help them out. Those simple techniques worked! And everyone is calmer in our house as a result. Thank you, Toni!  

Anne Presuel and Maya & Asha


I Am Amazed!

I have two female dogs, and they hate each other. Toni helped me connect with each of them and get them to try to just ignore each other. I am amazed that during the last couple of weeks they are actually staying away from each other!

Toni is helping me learn how to connect with the two dogs, and she has a lot of very good ideas to help you with most problems. I highly recommend the Animal Angel Club and Toni's animal communication readings. So much good information is here for all animal lovers. Toni, you are awesome!

Peggy P.

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~ Only $47 for a 30-minute session ~

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~ Only $37 / mo ~

  • Monthly 30-min phone session with Toni (Regularly $40)
  • 911 Text Access for Quick Q&A
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