Feel free to use these affirmations and self-reflection questions to deepen your understanding of your beliefs and gain insights and answers for your questions and challenges.

Read the affirmations aloud and answer the 3 questions as a journaling exercise, meditation intention, or gratitude practice.

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 I reclaim my power.

  • I have noticed that many people, situations, and distractions have eroded my power.
  • I am choosing now to take my power back.
  • I am seizing the keys of the castle back from the usurpers.
  • I recognize that I need to be ever vigilant in my watch over my energetic kingdom.
  • I stay awake and ever watchful.

I listen to my inner wisdom over the exterior noise.

  • I have dominion over my own life.
  • I view my energetic kingdom from my watchtower.
  • I reestablish strong boundaries and notice where the breeches have invaded my space.
  • I reinforce my energetic walls and strengthen my resolve.

Today, I resolve to bolster up my kingdom.

  • I reinforce my boundaries and secure my kingdom.
  • I feel safe and unshakeable.
  • I am grateful that I have the strength to create healthy boundaries.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. Where have I let my walls down to my own self-detriment?
  2. Where do I need to reinforce my boundaries?
  3. What else can I do to reclaim my power over my life?
About the Author Toni Cay Snyder, Ph.D.

Toni Cay Snyder, Ph.D., is a Master Mindset and Spiritual Life Coach who helps you become more confident and resilient and feel empowered to live a life of balance, connection, and meaning. Learn more at www.ToniCay.com.

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