Affirmations ~ I Am Patient, Calm, and Content

Feel free to use these affirmations and self-reflection questions to deepen your understanding of your beliefs and gain insights and answers for your questions and challenges.

Read the affirmations aloud and answer the 3 questions as a journaling exercise, meditation intention, or gratitude practice.

If you need help feeling more patient and calm, check out this post and this post.

 I Am Patient, Calm, and Content

  • My patience is one of my greatest strengths.
  • Patience gives me the mental space I require to make good decisions.
  • My intuition is easily accessible when my emotions are calm.
  • Patience increases my wisdom and intelligence.

My patience adds to my ability to be calm.

  • When I am calm, life is more enjoyable, and my problems remain small.
  • It is beneficial to my friends and family when I am calm.
  • Calmness benefits my physical and emotional health.

I enjoy great peace when I am content.

  • When I am content, I am free to appreciate my life more.
  • When I am content, I am reasonable in my expectations of life.
  • I feel relaxed and at peace.

Today, I am making the effort to be more patient, calm, and content.

  • I have all the time I need to be patient.
  • My level of calmness is growing.
  • I am very content with my life.
  • Today is going to be a productive and peaceful day.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. When do I feel the most stressed?
  2. How can I approach those situations with more patience and calmness?
  3. What do I need in my life in order to feel more content?

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