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You're definitely at the right place if you're a mentor, leader, or coach who wants to silence their own self-sabotaging assumptions, stories, and beliefs so they can lead the way with superstar confidence and zero self-doubt.

This is DEFINITELY for you if you want to:

Banish Your BS Beliefs Without Having a lobotomy

You get the benefit (and the magic) of practicing proven mindset techniques blended with powerful intuitive visualizations that help you quiet your racing thoughts, calm unhelpful emotions, and release limiting beliefs. Why? So you can feel cool, calm, and collected when you meet one-on-one with folks, rock that presentation for your company, or get on stage in front of thousands.

Supercharge Your Confidence, Effortlessly

Having less self-doubt and more "I am a superstar at what I do" is precisely what makes a world-class mentor, leader, or coach. It's the courage and self-assurance your peeps want to see, hear, and feel when you are guiding them. When your confidence is amplified, their confidence is amplified. And that's one of the puzzle pieces we're here to help them with, right?

Relax, Knowing You're in Good Hands

You're always wrapped in my fluffy angel wings. You'll get hands-on support from me whenever you feel stuck. Your journey is unlike anyone else's, and everything we do together is tailor-made for you. You'll have me as your cheerleader to ensure you're making steady progress. My mission is for you to feel safe, listened to, and encouraged every step of the way.

Yes, Even You Can Meditate!

Meditation will help you feel more peaceful, hopeful, and in tune with yourself. You'll trust your inner guidance more and know yourself better than ever. My members and clients typically have some pretty huge aha moments and clarity bombs too. Basically, meditation will give you better things to think about than what that snarky inner voice has to say. And that's a win.

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And who is this Alchemist of Attitude, this Magician of Mindfulness?

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Hi, I'm Toni! I'm a Master Mindset and Spirituality Life Coach and founder of Holistic Health and Healing.

I've had the pleasure of working with celebrity creators and social media motivators, and I realized something huge -- they had mindset woes just like everyone else!

You wouldn't think so at first glance, but they are people too, and they struggle with crappy thoughts, old beliefs that keep them stuck, and false stories they tell themselves.

All of that caused them to hide their true inspiration from followers and fans -- not good if you're an influencer!

So, a mission was birthed from that work to show my clients how to shine their own guiding lights and courageously uplift the people they mentor, lead, and coach.

And I do this with a process that no one else uses (the secret's out now) -- proven mindset techniques, practical mindfulness exercises, and powerful intuitive guided meditations.

Over the years, I've helped hundreds of mentors, leaders, and coaches silence their own self-sabotaging assumptions, stories, and beliefs so they can lead the way with superstar confidence and zero self-doubt.

When I'm not "uplifting the uplifters," you can find this 50-something enjoying meditative walks in Colorado Springs, watching obscene amounts of K-dramas without a trace of shame, and doting on my kids and kitties (not necessarily in that order).

Thanks for visiting, and you can check out my credentials below to see that I'm not selling ya snake oil. 😉

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