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Hi, I'm Toni... and I wasn't always like this.

I had to figure it out the hard way.

I was a sickly child with mysterious illnesses, but everything came to a head after I had my own children in my 30's.

It started with mono and continued with unexplained symptoms, stomach issues, severe aches, strange pains, anxiety, depression, and an overall feeling of " falling apart" in my mind, body, and spirit.

I went to doctors upon doctors with lots of frustration and annoyance and little to no solutions.

Then one day, I decided to listen to my inner guidance (see that story below) and researched gluten intolerance, which led to a diagnosis of Celiac Disease for myself and my daughter.

Yay, problem solved, right?   Not so fast.

Yes, we completely overhauled our diet and boosted our supplements, and my entire family felt better by the day. 

And the Celiac prompted me to add a Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition to my advanced degrees in architecture and engineering.

But I still wasn't feeling my best.  In fact, I was feeling kinda crappy and "off."

So, again, I listened to my intuition and went to a chiropractor who introduced me to energy healing. 

Holy Cow!  I walked away from my first energy treatment feeling "cleaner," and I had more clarity of mind than I'd had in years.

With every treatment, I felt calmer, stronger, and more healed. And the benefits didn't stop with the mental and physical.

My intuition took a huge leap upward, and I had so many amazing experiences as a result. (Be sure to read more of that story below.)

I found this holistic, spiritual work so empowering, that I became a certified energy practitioner and spiritual life coach, learning from extraordinary teachers like Louise Hay, Donna Eden, and Anthony William.

I am now on a mission to teach people how to harmonize their energy, heal their bodies, and heighten their intuition.

Teaching is what I'm here to do, and I'd love to share what I've learned with you!

Client Love

Nurturing and Safe

Toni is such an inspirational human being. She is kind, encouraging, positive, and empathetic. While I was hesitant at first to open myself up so much, I found that coaching with Toni is like talking to my best friend: nurturing and safe.

During our coaching sessions, she has worked extraordinarily hard to find the best strategies to guide me to a place of total self-reflection where I can identify my next steps and the path that will take me there. I have experienced moments of complete clarity during our sessions and unlocked parts of my personality and things that hold me back that I may never have figured out without her help.

I trust Dr. Toni explicitly, and my life is a better place with her in it!

Danielle S.

I Loved Working With Her

Toni has such an exuberant and infectious energy! I loved working with her. The information she delivered to me was total confirmation. She also provided suggestions on how I can work on my blocks which were easy and doable. Thank you, Toni!

Yvonne P.

Helped Me Feel Like Myself Again

What started out as just a phone call to someone I saw on the internet has changed my life in so many good ways. Toni, you have helped me feel like myself again.

Deborah N.

Learn something new today...

Shhh... don't talk about that intuition stuff

I wasn’t always open about my intuition. In fact, I didn’t talk about my intuitive abilities until I was in my 40’s! 

Mentioning such things was taboo in my house growing up. I was raised by agnostic parents who refused to talk about anything religious or spiritual… at all.

When I was three years old, I told my parents that I saw a “shadow man” in my room at night. My mom and dad did the only thing they knew how to do… They told me that it was my imagination and that I should never talk about it ever again.

This confused me because how could the smiling angels and sweet voices NOT be real?

Was something wrong with me?

Was I crazy?

For years, I certainly thought so.

So, I did the only thing I knew how to do… I kept silent, didn’t talk about it, and tried my best to push it deep down inside of myself and not let it out.

But doing that only made my intuition louder and more insistent.

As I got older, I found many healthy (and unhealthy) ways to drown it out, even if only for a few hours.

I studied architecture and engineering in an attempt to feel “normal” and quash the “woo-woo” in me.

But the vivid mental images, unexplained feelings, and extremely accurate messages kept coming. My recently deceased mother even revealed a hidden personal treasure to me, and I still tried to dismiss it!

Then one day, something happened that changed everything.

My young daughter and I were walking to the grocery store when I had this strange feeling that we should walk farther down the street to jaywalk instead of waiting at the crosswalk.

Now, I didn’t want to put my daughter in danger, but that “push” to continue down the street was SO strong, and although it didn't make any sense, I paid attention to the feeling anyway and kept walking. 

A mere thirty seconds later, we heard a sickening metallic "CRUNCH!!!" behind us.

I turned to see two mangled cars wrapped around a light pole in the exact spot where we would have been standing moments before.

I was frozen in place with goosebumps from head to toe as I heard a clear, quiet voice say in my right ear, "See, we're here.”

My guides — my intuition — had saved my daughter’s life.

I stood there for what seemed like forever as I became fully aware that all of the voices and visions that I had experienced since childhood were REAL.

I couldn’t hide any longer.

There was no turning back.

That Divine “bat to the head” moment made it perfectly clear to me that it was time to accept my intuitive gifts, develop and trust them, and teach others how to do the same.


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