Hi, I'm Toni.

As a result of the intuitive energy work that I do, I show transformation-seekers how to go from confusion to clarity... from pain to peace... from lost to enlightened. 

In addition to being a sought-after holistic health coach, I hold a Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition and am a spiritual life coach, professional intuitive, animal communicator, and energy practitioner.  I support your desire for change with an inspirational blend of practical coaching skills and powerful intuitive abilities.

When I am not helping my clients turn their messes into miracles, you can find this former architect and engineer enjoying meditative walks in beautiful Colorado Springs, doing yoga and Pilates, kissing my kids and cats (not necessarily in that order), and loving all things magical, mystical, and metaphysical. 

I am looking for open-minded, curious folks who are ready to empower their inner selves so they can uplift their lives, expand their consciousness, and create everyday magical moments. 

Who do you know?