About Toni Cay Snyder

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Toni Cay Snyder is the founder of Intuitive Life Mastery™, the only mind-body-spirit program that skyrockets your energy so you can shower your healing gifts onto the world.

It's vital to keep your confidence and enthusiasm vibrating at a high level in order to heal yourself and uplift others.

That's what Toni does for you.

Even though she started out "mainstream" with advanced degrees in architecture, engineering, and a Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition, Toni quickly realized that her greater mission is to help world servers uplevel their inner guidance, illuminate their vibrational energy, and expand their inspirational vision.

As your intuitive coach, Toni guides and encourages you to enlighten the world with hope, love, and wisdom and be the positive influencer you're meant to be.

When Toni's not "uplifting the uplifters," you can find this spicy 50-something enjoying meditative walks in Colorado Springs, kissing her kids and kitties, and loving all things mystical, magical, and metaphysical.

To learn more about how Toni can help you, book a magical Intuitive Healing Journey or schedule a free 15-minute phone visit.

What Happy Clients Say

Amazing and Extraordinary Coach

Toni is an amazing and extraordinary coach who has inspired me to take charge of my life. She has encouraged me to pursue my dreams and to make the necessary changes in my life to be able to create the life that I deeply desire to live. It’s incredible to see and feel the transformations that are manifesting themselves in my life. I’m tremendously grateful to Toni for her support and for her valuable knowledge and expertise!

Pamela S.

Helping Me Connect the Dots

Oh my! What I got out of my session with Toni. I learned HOW to focus on the really good things I love. To find out what makes me happy. A profound experience to teach me to think about love and create happiness. I knew this but I didn’t understand that I was blocked! The healing really came from my inner child wanting me to remember the goodness and connect to my childhood joy. To create a better way to release. So thank you, Toni, for helping me connect the dots and connect the pieces all together.

Janice B.

My Intuitive Guidance Continues to Grow

Before I began working with Toni, my life felt like it was at a standstill to include feeling stuck in painful patterns and the lack of confidence to take any steps toward change. She has provided me with invaluable tools and new ways of thinking to realize positive change in my life.

Since enrolling in the Intuitive Mastery Program, I have directly experienced an enhanced sense of my intuitive guidance which continues to grow with certainty as I apply the techniques she teaches.

As I continue to expand and evolve, Toni’s coaching meets me right where I need her most. Working with Toni has allowed me to know myself and the world around me in powerful new ways!

Jacque G.