Meditation is a powerful tool, but it’s not the only way to calm your mind. Try these ideas the next time you want to unwind your mind and feel better fast:

#1 ~ Breathe.

The simple act of breathing can help you calm down quickly and reduce anxiety.  Simple breathing exercises allow you to focus on the moment and forget your worries. A few deep breaths will relax your muscles as your cells receive the extra oxygen.

#2 ~ Show gratitude.

By showing gratitude, you can change your perspective and find greater peace of mind. Being thankful and saying it aloud helps you see the positive things that are all around you.

When taking the time to give thanks, you’re also living in the present moment. And when your mind is in the present moment, there’s no room for worrying about the future or regretting your past.

#3 ~ Smile.

How often do you smile during the day? Do you smile at strangers as well as friends?

Smiling can instantly boost your mood. It helps relax the body and mind, boost the immune system, and reduce stress and overwhelm. Research shows that even a fake smile can have a positive effect on the body. 

#4 ~ Go for a hike or enjoy nature.

To release nervous energy, go for a hike or find another way to enjoy nature. Explore a park, trail, or other natural area near you. Notice the sounds, smells, and visuals in front of you as you walk.

#5 ~ Turn off your phone and other electronic devices.

Constant communication and connection can make it hard to have a calm mind. Turn off your phones, tablets, computers, and other devices to find peace.

#6 ~ Play with your pet.

If you’re lucky to have a dog, cat, or other animal, play with them to find calmness. Research shows that pets can help you stay grounded and relaxed. Consider taking your pet for a walk and getting exercise at the same time. 

#7 ~ Do some type of manual labor.

Manual labor, such as cleaning the house or mowing the lawn, can help calm the mind and boost brain chemicals that make you happy. Manual labor is a great mindfulness activity because it can help you temporarily forget issues by forcing you to focus on completing the tasks at hand. 

Look for activities that need to be done at home or work. Do the dishes, vacuum, clean out closets, or organize cabinets. Sort the garage or attic, try gardening, or pull weeds. If you’re finished with tasks at home, reach out to friends and neighbors to help them. 

Although meditation is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, there are other ways to calm your mind quickly. Experiment until you find the ones that work best for you.

About the Author - Toni Cay Snyder

Toni Cay Snyder, PhD - AKA "The Meditation Magician" - is a transformation life coach, master mindset coach, and meditation mentor who helps midlife friends transform their lives and feel younger and healthier in as little as 10 minutes a day. Discover her popular transformation membership HERE.