10 Ways to Practice Self-Acceptance

Self-acceptance is an action; it's something we DO, not just something we FEEL.

To practice accepting yourself in body, mind, and soul, try these 10 suggestions:

Your Body

Stand naked in front of a full-length mirror and observe how you feel. If you never would do something like that, notice and accept that, too.

Uncomfortable Emotions

When you experience fear, anger, or jealousy, focus on it. Breathe into the feeling and notice how it begins to subside.


If you are "resisting" — holding your breath, tightening your muscles — allow that to be okay. Take a deep, full breath and relax your shoulders.


Fill this in: “I don’t want to be ________, but I am, and I am willing to move forward.” 


What past action do you regret? Without judging yourself or others, journal about it. If appropriate, make amends.

Life Conditions

Describe an area of your life that you wish different and allow your feelings to arise. Explore alternatives through journaling or talking with someone you trust.


Write about a current situation that "sets you off." Why do you think it triggers such a strong reaction?


Fill in the blank: “Some people don’t appreciate that I am ________, but I am, and there is nothing is wrong with me.” 

Your Bright Side

Journal about your joy, brilliance, beauty, vision -- everything that is AMAZING about you!

Your Dreams

All practicality aside, journal about what your ideal life would be like.

Try one or all of the above recommendations to practice self-acceptance in all areas of your life! 


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